How To Use Chase Credit Card Benefit [General Guide To Benefit Letter]

When you think of Chase Credit Card benefits, you usually think of rewards and travel perks.

However, there are numerous other benefits that cards provide, ranging from theft and damage protection to fraud protection.

chase credit card benefits
chase credit card benefits

So, when looking for a credit card, consider what kinds of benefits would be most valuable to you and fit your lifestyle.

1. Travel Insurance

Aside from points for flights and hotels, many Chase travel cards also provide travel insurance for:

  • flight cancellations.
  • rental car collision, and damage coverage.
  • emergency medical assistance abroad.

Check your credit card benefits to see what insurance coverage is included with your Chase Credit Card.

Also check the terms, conditions, limitations, and claim filing instructions.

2. Travel Upgrades

Some Chase travel credit cards also provide:

  • hotel and flight upgrades
  • free in-flight meals
  • hotel breakfasts
  • free checked bags
  • yearly travel credit

To take advantage of travel upgrades…

Look for loyalty programs in which you can participate…

And have chances to use reward points, miles, or cash back points for upgrades.

3. Fraud Protection

Some Chase credit cards include fraud protection, which allows you to dispute or report unauthorized purchases.

Contact your Chase bank or Chase credit card to learn more about the fraud protection features that are available to you.

And what you should know when reporting suspicious and/or unauthorized activity.

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Read more about Chase Credit Card Protection.

4. Theft and Damage

Some Chase credit cards provide purchase protection against theft and damage.

For example, if you bought a laptop but didn’t get insurance through the retailer.

And that laptop was damaged beyond repair.

You might be able to file a claim and get some money back.

Contact your Chase credit card customer service for more information on eligibility requirements.

And how to file a claim.

5. Contactless – Just Tap To Pay

Look for the Contactless Indicator on the front or back of your Chase card — this means it has tap-to-pay technology!

To complete your payment, simply tap your contactless card on the checkout terminal.

  • At the checkout, look for the Contactless Symbol.


  • Simply tap your contactless Chase card on the checkout terminal to complete the transaction.

6. Spend Instantly with Chase Credit Card

You can apply for a Chase credit card and use it the same day.

Just need to add your card to a digital wallet, such as Apple Pay, Google PayTM, or Samsung Pay, for instant access.

7. Redeem your Cash Back rewards

There is no minimum requirement to redeem for cash back.

You have the option of receiving a statement credit or direct deposit into most US checking and savings accounts.


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