11 Things About Chase Credit Cards Everyone Should Know Right Now

1. Chase 5/24 Rule

You can only have opened five personal credit cards in the last 24 months across all banking institutions.

This means you must be under 5/24 to be approved.

The 5/24 rule only applies to Chase credit cards, but your 5/24 count includes credit cards from all banks.

2. Chase Bonus

Chase bank has attractive sign-up bonuses on their checking and savings accounts.

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Everyone knows that their credit card bonuses are fantastic, but their deposit account sign-up bonuses are also fantastic.

Typically, you can receive a bonus of $150-$300 on your total checking account and $150-$300 on your savings account.

My recommendation? Wait for the $300 public bonuses. Even better, you can get them multiple times.

3. 24 Months Bonus

The sign-up bonus on Chase cards can be obtained more than once.

If you read the fine print on any Chase card, you’ll see that you can get the sign-up bonus again if it’s been at least 24 months since you last got it.

4. Expedite Shipping

If you need your new, lost, or stolen cards quickly, call Chase and request that they be expedited.

They will say yes, and there should be no charge. Only do this if you need the cards in a hurry.

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Just ask Chase to expedite your cards with 1-2 day shipping.

5. Match Higher Sign-Up Bonus

If you notify Chase within 90 days of applying, they will match your sign-up bonus.

If you apply for a card with a 30,000 point sign-up bonus and Chase increases the bonus within 90 days, call or send a secure message and they will match you to the higher bonus.



6. Hard Inquiries

If you apply for multiple Chase credit cards on the same day, the hard inquiries will be combined.

There are a few ground rules to follow, however: business and personal inquiries will not be combined.

However, it is no longer possible to double-dip some applications to avoid other rules.

You should be able to apply for two separate cards on the same day.

7. Auto Pay Set Up

If you already have auto-pay set up with Chase and start making a partial or full payment, the auto-pay will be adjusted automatically.

Set up Automatic Payments

It’s easy to make sure your auto account is paid on time each month. Here’s how:

  1. After signing into chase.com choose your auto account
  2. Choose Pay Loan and select the “Pay From account”
  3. Choose the day of the month for your payment to be withdrawn
  4. Choose an ending date, no end date, or select the number of payments
  5. Pick the start date and the payment amount
  6. Review all your selections, select Next and Set up

8. Check Application Status Online

You can now check the status of your application online with Chase, but you must be logged in.

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Take the following steps:

  1. Go to Chase.com
  2. Log into your Chase account
  3. Click the drop-down menu in the top-left corner
  4. Choose “Application Status” from the drop-down menu
check chase application online
check chase credit card application online

Check the Status of Your Application by Calling Chase if online does not work

Another option is to call Chase and speak with a live person.

Your application may need to be reviewed by one or two managers at times. Calling can cause the Chase review team to prioritize your application over others.

It’s possible to get an approval decision over the phone.

For example, your application could be pending because you need to clarify your annual income, monthly expenses, or desired credit limit. Unless you call, you may not understand why Chase has flagged your application for further review.

When you submit your application, Chase may provide you with a phone number to call if you have any questions. If not, try calling one of the following numbers:

  • Personal credit cards: 1-800-432-3117
  • Business credit cards: 1-888-269-8690

9. Chase Card Reinstated

If you change your mind and decide you still want the card, you can have a closed Chase credit card reinstated for 30 days.

Call customer service number 1 (800) 432-3117 and explain that you want to reactivate your previous account.


chase refer a friend to earn more than $5,000 per year
chase refers to a friend to earn more than $5,000 per year

Bring your account numbers as well as your personal information, such as your name, Social Security number, and address.

The representative can also pull it up, but it’s best to be prepared.

You may need to authorize a hard credit pull to confirm your eligibility.

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10. Chase Business Credit Card


Chase business credit cards are not reported to personal credit bureaus, which helps to keep your credit report clean.

Furthermore, having a business debt that goes to collections or court may have an impact on the business owner’s credit score.

Regardless of whether or not the card normally reports to personal credit bureaus.

In those cases, the collections agency or the court, rather than the credit card issuer, adds information to the personal credit report.

It’s important to remember that even if a business credit card does not report to personal credit bureaus, the business owner will almost always be required to provide a personal guarantee.

11. Minimum Day Spend Requirement

You usually have more than 90 days after being approved for Chase credit cards.

You may have 100 days after being approved for your Chase card to meet the minimum spend requirement, but they have recently increased this to 115 days according to a Reddit user.

That being said, don’t wait until the last minute or you might not receive your bonus at all.

Even if you don’t meet your minimum spend in time, it’s still worth asking for the bonus – they may agree!

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