Chase Credit Card Protections You Have To Know

When you use your Chase Credit Card, you will be able to access Chase Credit Card Protections.

There are restrictions, limitations, and exclusions.

The majority of benefits are underwritten by independent insurance companies that are solely responsible for administration and claims.

There are time constraints and documentation requirements.

Chase will send you a Guide to Benefits with a complete explanation of coverages once your account is opened.

chase credit card protections
chase credit card protections

Zero Liability Protection

You will not be held liable for unauthorized charges made with your card or account

Purchase Protection

Covers new purchases against theft or loss for 120 days, up to $500 for every claim and $50,000 for each account.

Extended Warranty Protection

Extends the time period of the manufacturer’s warranty in the United States by one year for eligible warranties of three years or less.

Fraud Protection

Chase uses sophisticated Real-Time Fraud Monitoring to help protect your account. You can rest assured that your card transactions will be scrutinized for signs of fraudulent activity.

Fraud Alerts

In the event of unusual activity, Chase may contact you via phone, text, or email.

Lock/Unlock Feature

To instantly restrict new purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers, lock or unlock your credit card from the Chase Mobile app or

You are not liable for any unauthorized charges, and locking your card has no impact on automatic payments.

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