Credit cards for high school students

Credit cards for high school students are a very sensitive topic.

Students under the age of 18 are not permitted to apply for credit cards under the Credit CARD Act of 2009.

Federal law makes it difficult for people under the age of 21 to obtain a credit card.

That leaves only a tiny percentage of high school students who may be eligible due to their age.

Students under the age of 18 can become authorized users on their family members’ credit cards.

A child under the age of 18 can become an authorized user if their parents cosign.

Even if you are over the age of 18, the Credit CARD Act of 2009 requires you to have either proof of independent income or a cosigner over the age of 21.

1. Are there any high school student credit cards?

If you are a high school student and over the age of 18, you can apply for several credit cards.

However, until you are 21, you must either have proof of consistent income demonstrating your ability to repay the debt.

Or have a co-signer at least 21 years old on the application.

In the latter case, the co-signer agrees to assume responsibility for your account, which means they are liable for any unpaid debt.

The Credit Card Act requires these requirements.

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Its goal is to keep teenagers and young adults from incurring credit card debts they can’t repay.

So, if you’re under the age of 21 and have the necessary income or co-signer, you have a variety of credit card options to help you start building credit.

Credit cards for high school students
Credit cards for high school students

Once is Chase Freedom Student Credit Card.

2. At what age can I add my child as an authorized user on my credit card?

There is no minimum legal age for adding someone as an authorized user especially Credit cards for high school students.

However, card companies have different rules, policies, and procedures for adding minors to card accounts.

[su_table responsive=”yes”]

Credit Card Issuer Minimum Age to Add Authorized
American Express 13
Bank of American No
Barclays 13
Capital One No
Chase Bank No
Citi Bank No
Discover 15
US Bank 16
Wells Fargo No


Bank Money Deal explores various bank policies for adding authorized users for personal credit cards.

Most banks make it simple to add an authorized user to your account online while logged in or by calling the number on the back of your credit card.

3. Considerations before adding a child as an authorized user

Primary Credit Card Holder

Remember that authorized user charges are ultimately your responsibility as the primary cardholder.

Make certain that your children are mature enough to understand the implications of swiping or entering a credit card number for every purchase.

If you believe your child is unprepared for the responsibility, you can add them as authorized users but not share the card with them.

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You may also be able to establish monthly spending limits for your authorized user.

Annual Fee

Keep in mind that some cards charge an annual fee for adding authorized users which can be substantial with premium cards.

If you’re only using this to teach your kids about credit or to assist them in building a credit history, choose a card that doesn’t charge fees for additional users.

Credit Report

If you provide information about your children as part of the authorized-user application, which some banks require.

It will almost certainly appear on their credit report.

However, based on other identifying information, it may end up there even if you do not provide a Social Security Number.

If your authorized users or you have negative marks on credit accounts, it may affect them and yourself as well.

If you become insolvent, you should remove your children as authorized users to protect their credit histories.

There is no set age or time when you should add children as authorized users to your credit cards.

But you should weigh the pros and cons to see if your child is ready and could benefit from it.

Adding your children as authorized users to your credit cards is depending on their age and the issuing bank.

They will thank you when they are older and will have an easier time applying for their own card when the time comes.

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